Artist’s Statement

I, like everyone else in their adolescent years, had passing interests. The one constant, however,  was my love of drawing. The feeling of first placing a pencil onto a new sketch pad. The sound of your hand brushing eraser shavings away from the page. The consuming presence the work demands.

While at the University of Kentucky, I dabbled in other career paths, but I knew my best foot forward was in a creative path. I majored in Integrated Strategic Communications with a focus in creative strategy. That’s when I discovered graphic and vector art.

I had always preferred traditional media, but once I began to use programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator and even Gimp, I knew I would have a new, lasting relationship.

Employing the skills and eye for detail I developed as a pencil artist and the training as a creative strategist at the University of Kentucky, I have acquired a unique style that I have demonstrated in a variety of  tasks, including personal projects, freelance commissions, college assignments and various employment settings